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ORIGAMI Sensory Flavor Cup

ORIGAMI Sensory Flavor Cup

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The Sensory Flavor Cup was developed by ORIGAMI in collaboration with Du Jianing, the 2019 World Brewers Cup Champion, and Du won the world competition using this cup.

The cup has a bulging body to widen the liquid surface to maximize the aroma of the coffee, and a sloping mouth to trap the aroma inside the cup. The shape of the cup also covers the nose when drinking, allowing the aromas inside the cup to be felt to the fullest extent.


  • Porcelain. Made in Japan
  • 360ml in volume
  • Developed with 2019 WBrC Champion Du Jia Ning
  • Special design of the rim to enhance overall sensory experiences 
  • Available in 2 different colours (white or pink)
  • Dimensions: 89×106
  • Volume: 360ml

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The absence of a handle allows the user to feel the temperature of the coffee, and the pink color visually evokes the fruity and sweet flavors of the coffee. It is a special cup that allows you to enjoy coffee using the various human senses: taste, smell, warmth, and sight.

Due to the characteristics of porcelain and production conditions, the surface may have fine irregularities or numerous small holes depending on the color and production period. Please note that this is not a defect.