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STAGG X Paper Filter

STAGG X Paper Filter

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Flat-bottom filters designed specifically for the steep slopes of Stagg Drippers [X].  The paper is heavy enough not to crumple, taste-tested for the cleanest cup, and creased with the optimal number of flutes not to stick together.

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STAGG PAPER FILTERS - The perfected pour-over with custom coffee filters that have been designed specifically for the Stagg XF steep slope and its pour-and-go fill-up method of brewing.

THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - We discovered the magic number is 20 for the ideal number of flutes per filter, providing structure & rigidity to prevent collapses during brewing, and makes the filters easy to separate.

CLEAN FILTERED BREW - We found the perfect filter paper that essentially has eliminated the sludge and grit and ensures a clean and consistent cup of drip coffee.

CAPTURE THE ESSENCE - Enhance the coffee aromas and flavours in a handcrafted infusion filter coffee by using a quality paper filter to extract the excess coffee oils and soluble.

DRIP FILTER SPECIFICS - Each pack contains 45 flat bottom disposable filters that are proudly made in the USA; Make sure you snag the correct filter size, tall filters designed for Stagg [XF] Dripper & short filters for Stagg [X] Dripper.