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Hario - V60 Drip-Assist

Hario - V60 Drip-Assist

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Barista-quality V60 coffee for everyone 

This helpful tool is designed to simplify the coffee brewing process. Enjoy brewing coffee with the V60 Drip-Assist.
Two types of hole help brew quality coffee. There are holes of two different sizes on the Drip-Assist. These help you regulate your pouring speed. A gooseneck kettle is not needed as the small drops of water created by Drip-Assist ensure the ideal speed for brewing coffee.
Water flows into the central section when the outer ring is full. If you pour in too much water, it flows into the central section. You can use this function to help measure your recipe.
Original Recipe by Pete Licata

Coffee grounds:18~24g
Water temprature:97℃~
Finished Capacity Approx. 300mL
Wait 30 seconds after pouring hot water 50~70mL into center part for bloom.

Pour rest of hot water in outering and allowing excess water to pour over to center holes.

Coffee grounds:25~30g
Water temprature:97℃~
Finished Capacity Approx. 390mL
Wait 30 seconds after pouring hot water 70~85mL into center part for bloom.

Filling outer ring, pause to drain under half full, and repeat until water dose is reached.
SIZE : 109 × H51
Diameter of top 87
CAPACITY For 1~4 cups
MATERIAL Body / PCT resin
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Message from Pete Licata

The original idea behind the V60 Drip-Assist (why you wanted to make “Drip Assist”?)
Drip-Assist is a product that I have imagined for a long time. With auto brewers it is very common to have a spray head which helps distribute the water consistently into the grounds. So Drip-Assist is my way of creating a highly usable water pouring pattern that creates a high quality cup of coffee as well as a very consistent product.

What aspect of Drip-Assist you most insistent on?
Two sized holes. It is important to be able to pour water quickly when needed, which the inner holes achieve. At the same time, a fairly slow and dispersed shower of water is needed for a more gentle water movement through much of the brew. By having both sizes, you are able to manipulate enough of the brew to create fantastic results.

A Message that you would like to share with consumers. (about the V60 Drip Assist)
Use the center, high speed holes for your bloom. Then use the exterior holes for your brewing. You can either pulse brew or continuously pour the water. It is also a good idea to pour a little water into the center holes from time to time to ensure the coffee bed is interacting evenly. If you pour continuously, allow excess water to flow into the center chamber to automatically add that little extra turbulence.

Any other comments / thoughts about Drip Assist
Experiment with pours through the various sized holes. If you find too much variance in the coffee bed, try pulsing less often. Or if the center gets too mounded after brewing, try pouring more water in the center holes next time. The standard Drip Assist brew results in a bowl-shaped coffee bed when used with the paper filter only. When used with the flat filter, it should be mostly level. Keep in mind that the larger your dose, the more the need to pulse the water. With more dose, the brewing chamber fills up more quickly and needs a few seconds to drain a bit more.