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Three Africas - Whole Bean Coffee Blends

Three Africas - Whole Bean Coffee Blends

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FLAVOR PROFILE : Golden raisin, winey blueberry, lemon zest

We often call this trio of African coffees the single origin lover’s blend. Yet the appeal of Three Africas spans more than any one kind of coffee. Sparkling yet grounded, Three Africas is roasted dark enough to be rounded and full, yet light enough to let flecks of berries and citrus shine. It’s an organic coffee that gives more than what the drinker is asking for: fruit, nuance, radiance, and a deep sweetness that wins over just about everyone.

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We roast to exacting specs in order to bring out each organic coffee’s desirable qualities: intense jammy notes from the natural Ethiopian, pleasant acidity from the washed Ethiopian, and body and sweetness from the washed Central African. Brewed, Three Africas shapeshifts: A French press has gorgeous weight, a pour over, radiant. Cold brewed, it’s depth and luminosity span the coffee spectrum.