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Night Light Decaf - Whole Bean Coffee Blends

Night Light Decaf - Whole Bean Coffee Blends

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FLAVOR PROFILE : Crème Brûlée, Vanilla, Key Lime

Night Light Decaf is a pleasure for pleasure’s sake. As one of our darker coffees, we marvel how creamy it tastes—no sharp edges, just endless malty sweetness. When served black, it’s smooth yet substantial, the kind of coffee to banish the morning (or evening) chill. With milk or cream, dairy or not, it’s all the richer. Brew it however you like: from espresso to French press, it’s a dream.

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The ever versatile Night Light Decaf is decaffeinated with the mind-boggling and chemical-free Swiss Water Process. Comprised of organic beans, this blend is roasted darker to bring out maximal sweetness without developing any off flavors or burnt notes. Its boldness makes steamed milk a natural companion when extracted as an espresso.