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Hayes Valley Espresso - Organic Whole Bean Espresso

Hayes Valley Espresso - Organic Whole Bean Espresso

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FLAVOR PROFILE : Baking Chocolate, Orange Zest, Brown Sugar

We developed this espresso for our first brick-and-mortar, a friend’s garage tucked away in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley. Today, it’s a consistent guest favorite: the foundation of our cafe espresso drinks and a best seller for whole bean coffee.

Sip it straight to appreciate the voluptuous tawny crema and impressive viscosity. Add milk to soften its brooding aspects for a sweeter yet assertive drink.

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The enduring affection for this espresso—the darkest coffee on our menu—has everything to do with how we roast it. Organic coffees from the Americas are taken to the very edge of darkness over slow, low heat. The longer roasting time gives us the control we need to develop pungent flavors and supreme sweetness without compromising body.