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Guatemala Marta Dominguez - Roasted Beans

Guatemala Marta Dominguez - Roasted Beans

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Fresh herbals and crisp citrus

Marta Dominguez farms coffee together with her family on a small plot in Huehuetenango, in northern Guatemala.

This lot has some fresh and clear herbal aromatics, alongside crisp citrus in the cup.
Producer: Marta Dominguez
Coffee expression: A floral & acidic coffee
Whole Bean Coffee: 250g (8.8oz)
Minimum resting period: 
  • Filter 7 days
  • Espresso 14 days

Brew: For all brew methods

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Marta Neli Dominguez

Marta Neli Dominguez works with her family on their tiny plot of land in the rural Huehuetenango region. Marta is a second generation coffee producer, having inherited her land from her parents, and she hopes to pass on her passion to her children. She felt encouraged to follow her interest in agriculture by her parents, so has experienced what it is like to manage a farm from an early age. Over the past couple of harvests, Marta has sold directly to Primavera’s roastery in Guatemala City, La Central de Café, and her interest in growing the quality of her coffee has only increased. This also leads to a more sustainable business, one which she is yet more motivated to pass on to her children.

This lot, a mix of Bourbon and Caturra, was picked and processed by Marta and her family. They have no fixed wet mill, so often move their plastic tanks and hand cranked de-pulper around the farm to follow the harvest. After de-pulping, the coffee is fermented in these small plastic tanks for around 30 hours, before being washed and dried on patios near the house. The coffee is turned often, to ensure an even drying in rather cool conditions at over 1600 masl. This approach to fermentation creates a soft yet fresh cup, with fresh herbal aromatics and a crisp citrus acidity.