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Cold Brew Set

Cold Brew Set

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Cold brew isn’t a coffee, it’s a method. We love it for its ability to shine a light on incandescent coffee flavors made possible only through the technique’s slow, cool extraction. These coffees capture the three major flavor profiles of cold brew—from bold and chocolaty to bright and uplifting. Taste each coffee one by one or side by side to explore the spectrum of cold brew.

Three 6oz bags of whole-bean coffee

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Our Cold Brew Line Up

Our boldest brew, with rich chocolaty flavors and notes of dark caramel; we love it black, or with milk and even a little sweetener.

This smooth, rounded blend produces the most balanced cold brew of the three. With or without milk? You decide.

This bright blend makes for a brew so buoyant it floats. It’s radiant with mouthwatering berry-like flavors. This cold brew tastes best without milk.