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Bella Donovan - Whole Bean Coffee Blends

Bella Donovan - Whole Bean Coffee Blends

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Flavor Profile : Raspberry, chocolate, molasses

Bella Donovan is the cashmere sweater of our blends—comforting, cozy, and enveloping. Made up of organic coffee beans, Bella punches above its weight. A natural Ethiopian coffee with jammy berry notes brings a glimmer of fruit to the otherwise chocolate-heavy foundation. To add nuance, we roast these two coffees four different ways. The result is a blend that straddles the worlds of complexity and comfort with uncommon poise.

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This classic is inspired by the archetypal Mocha-Java pairing. Originally, a winey natural coffee from Yemen, shipped from the Port of Mocha, blended with an earthier washed coffee from Java. Our take relies on an Ethiopian natural for fruity overtones. Roasted on the darker side for sweetness and body, Bella weathers the rigors of the automatic drip machine and is luxurious with milk or cream.