Frequently Asked Questions
ORDR is Qatar’s first online coffee shop hub focused on coffee ordering and pre-ordering. We aim to make the process of ordering from your favorite coffee shop fast and seamless by helping you skip queues and cash payment. We make comparing coffee shops in Qatar easy as they are all in one place. Customer reviews help you make the best decision while spurring discourse in the online coffee-loving community. Best of all, we enable you to skip the line in your favorite coffee shop. Qatar is a fast-developing society with an even faster growing coffee culture… and we’re here for it!
ORDR operates on mobile through iOS (with our Android app coming soon) as well as on our website (
We’re all about providing you with that quick in-and-out experience when ordering your coffee. That’s why we accept credit card payments as well as debit card payments (QPay) for skipping the cash register upon arrival. We also provide an online prepaid wallet known as ORDR Credit, where users can purchase Credit packages for even faster checkouts.
Log on to our website or app and select a coffee shop either by proximity (distance from you) or by area. Pop by the review section if you want to see how other fellow coffee aficionados rated the shop’s product and service. Once you choose your coffee shop, add menu items to your cart and proceed to checkout. Specify when you want to receive your order (either ASAP or at a later date or time). You can also specify how you want to receive your order (for ex. by car making sure you outline your car’s plate number, color, model etc). For payment, we accept credit and debit card payments as well as ORDR Credit prepaid payment system. You can then proceed to the coffee shop to pick up your order. Enjoy!
We aim to reach all our customer queries as soon as they come to us. You can submit request at